Monday, 6 April 2015

your APRIL

Saturday 11th April : 'Not your usual walking group’
Set up by our UPLIFTer Jimmy, it’s a walking group with a difference. Join him for a short walk at Worsbrough Mill  to get started and finish with a cuppa to plan future jaunts. Meet at the Worsbrough Mill car park at 11.15am or travel with others from the Bus station at 11am. Call the office for more details.

Thursday 16th April, 2pm: UPLIFT Cuppa & Meet UP  @ The Cooper Art Gallery                
Curious about UPLIFT? Never been before and maybe nervous about coming along for the first time? Or simply want to find out more… this is for you!

Thursday 16th & 23rd April,  4-8pm : UPLIFT Wombwell Woods Workshops. Location: The Hut, Victoria Street, Barnsley

Join us for two workshops to prepare for our Wombwell Woods takeover.  We will be working on our special Shadow Puppet Theatre and making plans. Do what feels good for you; be it immersing yourself in storytelling and music or getting busy with making for this special weekend.

Come and play with our team of UPLIFT artists for a weekend of outdoor fun. Rediscover the historic woodland. Encounter it’s beasts and beauties, both real and imagined…with land art, shadow puppets, campfire crafts, storytelling and the creation of our own woodland soundtrack and evening forest theatre.

Saturday 25th April 
11-4pm: Drop-in activities for all ages, including making the homestead, woodland crafts and more…
4-6.30pm: UPLIFT Workshop- Forest Theatre Set-up
6.30-9pm: Forest Theatre Workshop and Sing-song around the fire

Sunday 26th April 
12-2pm: ‘Down to the Woods’ Bear Picnic with live latin band. Bring your own and join us for the first picnic of the year
12-4pm: ‘See things afresh’ with woodland walks, crafts, land art and forest homes and be part of the national bluebell survey

For more details about the Wombwell Woods UPLIFT Takeover, click on the main tab on the blog homepage. It includes info on travel and tips on how to prepare for a few days out in the great outdoors!

Remember, we also have weekly Live ARTS Cafes for you to come along to too.  We are kickstarting a Live ARTS Cafe Goldthorpe on Tuesday the 7th of April and our town centre Live ARTS Cafe starts back at the Digital Media Centre on Wednesday 22nd of April.

For more information on all things UPLIFT, please contact the office on (01226) 320147.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

UPLIFT is heading down to the woods....come join us! A Wombwell Wood Takeover, 25th and 26th of April

Come and play with our team of UPLIFT artists. Rediscover this historic woodland, encounter its' beasts and beauties; both real and imagined and create art and music inspired by these wonderful woods.

On Saturday the takeover begins at 11am. We invite all to help us to build our homestead for the weekend; gathering wood for our campfire and helping to create our forest theatre in the trees.  Campfire crafts include, making charcoal for drawing and casting metal trinkets from small woodland finds.  
Throughout the day we’ll prepare our shadow theatre, building woodland instruments and telling stories inspired as the woodland is starting to spring to life following a long winter sleep.  Create your own mini shadow theatre using reclaimed boxes, shadow puppets and lighting effects.
Into the woods we go with artist James Brunt to find the perfect place for land art, while Roseanna encourages you to ‘read the woodland’, unearthing its ancient past and the secret lives of it's Beasts and Beauties.
UPLIFTERS are invited for a special soiree before the Forest Theatre Workshop from 4-6.30pm where we will prepare the scene for the evening and enjoy some fire-side snacks! 

From 6.30pm we will settle in and take warmth by the fire for a special shadow puppet theatre show, campfire songs and magical storytelling moments. This is where we will remain until the day closes at around 9pm.
Sunday is planned to be very much a family affair with our special visitor "The Bear", and fabulous interactive live Latin band, hopefully bringing the sunshine! Join us from 12 noon and bring your own picnic, the first hopefully of many this year. Be part of The National Bluebell Survey; find them and then paint them in our woodland art studio.  With more land art, informative walks, stalls and a workshop making butterfly feeders there’s many ways to connect with and learn about this stunning woodland that's right on your doorstep.
For more details about the day, directions and what you may need to pack in your rucksack, check  out the full page on the header above
You can also call the Creative Recovery office on (01226) 320147 for more details about this event and the UPLIFT programme.
We will also be sharing ideas via the blog, Facebook and Twitter leading up to the event. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015


ART STATION - April 2014








As we look towards a new year we reflect on 2014 and all the colourful, creative, fabulous fun we had. Enjoy a year of UPLIFT in pictures!

BLOOM! - April 2014


OO LA LA - June 2014




FEAST - October 2014

100 FOR 100 - October 2014
O CHOCOLAT! - November 2014


LIVE ARTS CAFE 80'S NIGHT - December 2014


THE GATHERING - December 2014

Monday, 12 January 2015

Creative Recovery Charity Launch


It was truly an UPLIFTING 2014 made all the more special with the launch of Creative Recovery as a registered charity. As we closed the year we marked this with a presentation of the work we have achieved so far. Here’s a few snapshots from our day at the Town Hall Council Chambers.

We hear from participants what Creative Recovery has done for them and their families.
Courageous and honest. Participants speak about their own experiences with their mental health and wellbeing.

A big thanks to everyone who attended and supported the day. We leave you with the Creative Recovery Manifesto poem created and recorded by participants which opened the event.
We are Creative Recovery
We are the starting of lives, the opening of doors, the enveloping of wings and the soaring high
We are the letting down of guards, the acceptance of a family, a safe place to explore me
We are Creative Recovery
We are the lost and found
We are the knowing that there’s not just one way to be, that I matter
We are Creative Recovery
We are fresh ideas
We are colour and sound
We are the completion of projects and the realisation that it’s possible in your own life too
We are the building of confidence, the opening up, never feeling more alive
We are Creative Recovery
We are the expression of thought, and understanding the chaos inside
We are NOT dwelling on our illnesses
We are learning how to live again
We are Creative Recovery
We are trail blazing, filling the gap
We are the cultural shift, reimagining the future and rewriting the script
We are new perspectives, challenging the same old
We are changing the way YOU think
We are Creative Recovery
We are the reason to get going and keep going
The joyful charge into tomorrow,
We are anti-sorrow, lighting up the town.
We are the knowing.  The dreaming.  The belief that it’s all possible. 

Winter Warmers!

Christmas saw our current UPLIFT calendar draw to a close, and boy did the UPLIFTS come thick and fast! Here’s a roundup of all the events and activities that’s brightened up our winter.


The Live arts Cafe went retro with an all 80’s inspired evening! It was neon galore with fluorescent doodling and live visuals created by Creative Recovery artists. Never ones to shy away from fancy dress, the leg warmers came out and participants danced the night away to 80’s classics, playing video games and enjoying a sausage, cheese and pineapple cocktail stick!

As we approached the festive period, UPLIFTERS got together in preparation for our Christmas event, the Gathering. The Resound gang provided a sing-along soundtrack as participants made lanterns which would light up the Town and beautifully decorate our magical venue.  Then on the notoriously named ‘Mad Friday’ we had our alternative nite out as we gathered together for a soul warming, reflective, creative sharing UPLIFT style. Our flash mob of lantern holders made their way through the town centre to gather around the street piano where we joyfully sang our hearts out to Christmas carols! The parade made its way to St. Mary’s Church where we continued our festive celebrations with music from Resound, open mic session, poetry readings, pizza and dancing!
The festivities culminated in a weekend of festive tree dressing and camp cardboard! It was festive fun for all the family as Mums, Dads, Grandparents and children got to work with Creative Recovery artists to create something beautiful for the Christmas trees on site at Barnsley favourites, Cannon Hall, Elsecar Heritage Centre and Worsbrough Mill, followed by carols around the tree.  Camp cardboard offered a slightly different take with a cardboard takeover in the Cannon Hall ballroom! Den building on a huge scale with a festive twist and buckets of imagination! With tunnels, grotto and lights a plenty!

Monday, 1 December 2014

O Chocolat!

What better way to cheer ourselves up on a cold grey Monday morning than with a sneaky peak at the beautiful creations to come out of our "O Chocolat!" event?

Our friends at Sara's Flowers and Tea's played host to our recent chocolate tasting and poetry UPLIFT and what a sweet treat it was! UPLIFTERS were in chocolate heaven as the sumptuous milk and dark delights inspired words and poems.

21 Ways to think about Chocolate
Sick and guilty, but it doesn’t last long.
After the first bite, those feelings have gone.

Walking in a wood of chocolate trees,
Floating through chocolate leaves.

Jonny Depp covered in chocolate – lick him clean!

Eat it, when you see it.
Dairy Milk, soft as silk.

Jolene  Jolene, I’ve just had some chocolate and I’ve turned green
I wish I‘d never touched that Cadbury’s Flake, Jolene

It’s a smoky French cafe on a rainy evening
With red wine and candle light

When I think of white chocolate
I think of Beyonce
Happy if it’s the right kind, money well spent
on dark chocolate, seventy per cent.
Or  even stronger, eighty one per cent,
solid heaven.
It makes me happy. Anytime, it’s a blessing.
I’m a driving instructor, and it’s perfect between lessons.
When I get to work, with a coffee...
When I get home, with a coffee...
Usually fat but happy of heart
I can’t stop eating it when I start.
A nice cow eating grass.
A dodecahedron.
Swimming in a chocolate sea,
Bitter, creamy, heavenly, happy.

I stand and wait for someone to eat
My thick smooth cover,
I lie on the tray for something to happen.
I wait and everyone eats me.
People are my best friend,
And I’m a chocolate treat.

Take a double choc chip muffin, remove the top, push some nice dark chocolate inside, put the lid back on, insert into the microwave for 15 seconds.  If you want, put some cream on. Eat with pleasure.
Steal into the pantry at 2 am and get a long-handled spoon, and have a dollop of choc and hazelnut spread and eat in the dark.

Milk chocolate biscuits crumbled onto ice-cream with maple syrup on top.

Digestives and honey layered on top of each other in a sandwich like manner.

I used to eat chocolate when I was sad but I do not do this anymore.