Monday, 1 December 2014

O Chocolat!

What better way to cheer ourselves up on a cold grey Monday morning than with a sneaky peak at the beautiful creations to come out of our "O Chocolat!" event?

Our friends at Sara's Flowers and Tea's played host to our recent chocolate tasting and poetry UPLIFT and what a sweet treat it was! UPLIFTERS were in chocolate heaven as the sumptuous milk and dark delights inspired words and poems.

21 Ways to think about Chocolate
Sick and guilty, but it doesn’t last long.
After the first bite, those feelings have gone.

Walking in a wood of chocolate trees,
Floating through chocolate leaves.

Jonny Depp covered in chocolate – lick him clean!

Eat it, when you see it.
Dairy Milk, soft as silk.

Jolene  Jolene, I’ve just had some chocolate and I’ve turned green
I wish I‘d never touched that Cadbury’s Flake, Jolene

It’s a smoky French cafe on a rainy evening
With red wine and candle light

When I think of white chocolate
I think of Beyonce
Happy if it’s the right kind, money well spent
on dark chocolate, seventy per cent.
Or  even stronger, eighty one per cent,
solid heaven.
It makes me happy. Anytime, it’s a blessing.
I’m a driving instructor, and it’s perfect between lessons.
When I get to work, with a coffee...
When I get home, with a coffee...
Usually fat but happy of heart
I can’t stop eating it when I start.
A nice cow eating grass.
A dodecahedron.
Swimming in a chocolate sea,
Bitter, creamy, heavenly, happy.

I stand and wait for someone to eat
My thick smooth cover,
I lie on the tray for something to happen.
I wait and everyone eats me.
People are my best friend,
And I’m a chocolate treat.

Take a double choc chip muffin, remove the top, push some nice dark chocolate inside, put the lid back on, insert into the microwave for 15 seconds.  If you want, put some cream on. Eat with pleasure.
Steal into the pantry at 2 am and get a long-handled spoon, and have a dollop of choc and hazelnut spread and eat in the dark.

Milk chocolate biscuits crumbled onto ice-cream with maple syrup on top.

Digestives and honey layered on top of each other in a sandwich like manner.

I used to eat chocolate when I was sad but I do not do this anymore.

Monday, 10 November 2014

The Great Outdoors

Not to be put off by the turning weather, it's been a cracking couple of weeks of UPLIFTS as we've wrapped up warm and embraced the beautiful outdoors. 

UPLIFTERS got a close up of the nature that inhabits RSPB Old Moor with a photography walk around the beautiful surroundings. With moth chasing, swan seeing and wild flower photography UPLIFTERS enjoyed an afternoon at one with nature.

"Photographing nature, looking closer at detail, viewing things differently."

For our next UPLIFT we had to look a little further afield - to the galaxy and beyond! As we took a trip to Hoober Observatory to go Stargazing with the Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society. The knowledge and passion of the astronomers was infectious and the unusual setting made for a unique and adventurous UPLIFT and a new and different experience for all!

"I've never been to a place like this before and didn't even know it existed. It was fascinating!"

"Space is big. So hugely mindbogglingly big that Earth can appear isolated within our Universe. But a visit to the Observatory reminded me that one should not have to feel isolated here on Earth."

Then it was the turn of the Live Arts Café to host their Bonfire Special!  The evening was a mix of  traditional favourites with pie and peas and toffee apples with the some UPLIFT creative flair thrown in for good measure. UPLIFTERS created an installation of light words to decorate the garden and there was seasonal cheer with songs around the bonfire! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


It’s an Autumn Special on the UPLIFT calendar as all the elements come together in our next three feel good days out!
First up we return to one of our favourite spots, RSPB Old Moor for AUTUMN LIGHT. Get those Winter Warmers on, and feast on a delicious café lunch before starting out on a photography walk around the beautiful reserve, playing with photography and the Autumn Light.
Friday 24th October, 11.30am – 3.30pm (Booking Required.)

Join us for a warm beside the fire on Wednesday 5th November as the Live Arts Café host a Bonfire Special!  We’ll be at our usual spot at the Exchange Recovery College on Gawber Road for fire juggling, campfire singing, a light spectacle and bonfire treats!

Wednesday 5th November, 5 – 8.30pm

As the dark nights draw in and we get ready for winter, the time is just right for STARGAZING AT THE OBSERVATORY. A visit timed so that the moon is at its optimum, seen through new, high quality equipment. This magical UPLIFT includes a presentation and time to observe the Universe through telescopes, so wrap up warm for an UPLIFT that is ‘out of this world’! 
Saturday 1st Novmeber, 7.15 – 10.30pm. (Booking Required)

100 for 100!


In response to the Cooper Galleries exhibition which shows 100 pictures to mark 100 years of opening, UPLIFT artists took over the cosy cottage space and used print making techniques to create 100 mini multi-media artworks to be swapped and traded!

Part installation, part drop in workshop and creative exchange, UPLIFTERS had a fun and relaxing couple of  days, creating!


Friday, 17 October 2014

Doodles of fun at the Museum!


Off the back of our UPLIFT Athersley Occupation it's business as usual for our team with lots of UPLIFTS planned all across the borough!

First on the bill was the Alternative Nite Out at the Museum! To mark World Mental Health Day, last Friday night UPLIFTERS embarked on Experience Barnsley for a visit like no other! It was a mixed bag of creative tricks, with an open mic slot filled with musicians from RESOUND and the IMMORTALS. The Museum showcases also got somewhat of a makeover as UPLIFTERS decorated them with doodles!

Thanks to all of you who shared something; be it a song, a doodle/art masterpiece, a poem, a story, a message, a truth. It was an inspiring way to mark World Mental Health Day and sparked ideas for how we can work together in the future to challenge reforms but also ...
what we can do now in our own community to help each other.

If you'd like an UPLIFT, call us on 01226 320100 (ext 104) to register and receive your pack and wallplanner!

Monday, 6 October 2014


What a wonderful week in Athersley we've had. With all sorts of creative goings on, it was a fantastic chance to meet and engage with local people and what a lovely lot we've met. 

With no occupation complete until the main event, the FEAST made for the perfect finale as the community came together for a feast of food and live music in celebration of all we have made.

The stage was wonderfully set with an
umbrella installation made in the various craft sessions. Their seasonal style encouraging us to come together, tuck in and get ready for the winter. The floral table pieces created at Blossom Brunch made for beautiful  decorations and with the feel good music from Paul and Pete and the soul warming grub from our fiends at Peryer Catering our FEAST was complete!

Thank you to everyone who has made our occupation happen and a warm thanks to you Athersley for having us! Here's to the start of your UPLIFTS!

Butties and Blooms!


With butties and beautiful blooms the Blossom Brunch certainly lived up to it's name!

On Saturday morning, UPLIFTERS and local Athersley residents got together to create fantastic floral fancies for the evening's FEAST celebrations. This chilled, creative event  saw that old jars, tins and bottles were transformed into delightful decorations for the night ahead, which could then be taken away to uplift some else's day. What a creative bunch!