Monday, 29 September 2014

Be our Guest at the UPLIFT Occupation!

Following last week's coffee morning and crafty afternoon, we're back in Athersley this week with creativity in abundance!

There's a mouth watering selection of activities on offer and we hope to wet your appetite with a few of the following.

Begin with a CUPPA CREATIVE, throw into the mix an Athersley special LIVE ARTS CAFE, and add a sprinkle of CRAFTY UPLIFT POP UP'S. Stir in a SOUP AND A SONG and blend with CHOC-FEST, finally season with a BLOSSOM BRUNCH and there you have yourself one great FEAST to enjoy with friends and make nice memories!

The UPLIFT team welcome you to be our guest; dine out at the UPLIFT table, all activities are free, so come and get involved!

For more information call 01226 320100 (ext 104)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Feast your eyes on this!

Following our takeover of Goldthorpe earlier in the year, we're back with another occupation and this time we're coming to Athersley!
Working with local organisations including Romero Communities, Athersley Cares and others, we'll be out and about in the Athersley area  for a week of UPLIFTING events culminating in our big community event "Feast" on Saturday 4th October 2014: Save the date!
From Thursday 25th September you'll catch our travelling troupe doing the rounds of local coffee mornings, bringing live music and UPLIFT parcel making to residents of the area. The team will be out on the streets with delicious homemade soup to giveaway as well as workshops including creative writing and chocolate making! Have a peak at our full line up below and come and get involved!
Don't miss the main event "Feast" on Saturday 4th October which in signature style will feature live music, arts & crafts, and soul warming food! This is an open event for the community to get together, try something new and make some memories. Please note, booking is essential.
Call us on 01226 320100 (ext 104) to book your place at the Feast, book early to avoid disappointment.