A unique, free programme of special days out, designed by artists to help you connect with other people, create memories and discover treasures right on the doorstep.

From workshops to festivals, camps to takeovers, UPLIFT's happen in venues and locations all across Barnsley. Call our team on 01226 320147 to find out more. We all need to UPLIFT ourselves from time to time!

Who is UPLIFT for?

UPLIFT is for you. UPLIFT is for families.  UPLIFT is for everyone:  
We can at times, all feel stressed, tired, in a rut. Uplift is for people who want to try new ways to break out of the blues and find fresh inspiration to feel good and stay well.

What you can expect at an UPLIFT event?

"A very enjoyable atmosphere, peaceful, relaxing, nobody rushing around. Everyone getting on with each other, helping each other out. Complimenting each other's work. Come & go as you please. No one telling you what you can & can't do & think. “

“Really lovely getting people together, wonderful seeing those who get up and do their thing, whatever it may be. Uplifting!”

What people have said about UPLIFT…

95% of people who took part in UPLIFT experienced a positive change to their mental wellbeing. People shared how they felt more motivated, curious, relaxed and connected to others and their community. 

“It is a ladder out of a dark hole”. 

Others have found UPLIFT to be a springboard to new opportunities and broader horizons. With a renewed confidence and awareness of what is possible, people have gone on to new beginnings such as volunteering, employment and linking with other community groups and venues.

“Well, I think for me it’s the old saying, if you don’t jump, you’ll never learn to fly and Uplift has taught me to jump!”

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