Monday, 29 September 2014

Be our Guest at the UPLIFT Occupation!

Following last week's coffee morning and crafty afternoon, we're back in Athersley this week with creativity in abundance!

There's a mouth watering selection of activities on offer and we hope to wet your appetite with a few of the following.

Begin with a CUPPA CREATIVE, throw into the mix an Athersley special LIVE ARTS CAFE, and add a sprinkle of CRAFTY UPLIFT POP UP'S. Stir in a SOUP AND A SONG and blend with CHOC-FEST, finally season with a BLOSSOM BRUNCH and there you have yourself one great FEAST to enjoy with friends and make nice memories!

The UPLIFT team welcome you to be our guest; dine out at the UPLIFT table, all activities are free, so come and get involved!

For more information call 01226 320100 (ext 104)

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