Monday, 6 October 2014


What a wonderful week in Athersley we've had. With all sorts of creative goings on, it was a fantastic chance to meet and engage with local people and what a lovely lot we've met. 

With no occupation complete until the main event, the FEAST made for the perfect finale as the community came together for a feast of food and live music in celebration of all we have made.

The stage was wonderfully set with an
umbrella installation made in the various craft sessions. Their seasonal style encouraging us to come together, tuck in and get ready for the winter. The floral table pieces created at Blossom Brunch made for beautiful  decorations and with the feel good music from Paul and Pete and the soul warming grub from our fiends at Peryer Catering our FEAST was complete!

Thank you to everyone who has made our occupation happen and a warm thanks to you Athersley for having us! Here's to the start of your UPLIFTS!

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