Friday, 28 February 2014

Bloomin' Lovely!

UPLIFT Pots: Nurture and watch them grow...

" I am so glad I came out today...Thank you"

Yesterday, UPLIFT headed out on to the streets of Goldthorpe armed with a very colourful wheelbarrow, giving out pots with sprouting spring flowers and spreading the word. We were met with smiles, surprise and bewilderment as many couldn't believe they were been given something so freely. It started many conversations with people reflecting about the importance of the little things and quizzing us about our activities throughout the week. The giving spirit was contagious with many people sharing how they would too pass their little pot of joy on to someone else to brighten their day.  Mission complete! It sparked many ideas for our next Occupations, watch out tarn!

Today we will be back at the Salvation Army on Straight Lane, Goldthorpe from 10.30am printing up bags and being soothed and revived with tunes from Paul Newman.  We will also be gearing up for tomorrow's big event, Diggin' up Black Gold!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Preparing to ‘Dig up Black Gold’!

Today at Occupation Goldthorpe we were paid a visit from Big Local who were thrilled to see the shop act as a hub for the community. We started work creating an Acts of kindness swap board, to be hung in the Shop and used by the local community once we depart. 
In other activities, preparations for ‘Diggin up Black Gold got well underway! 30 years on, Goldthorpe remembers the miner’s strike and this multi arts event features a collection of local stories which is to be retold on Goldthorpe’s Streets, in Cafes and on buses on Saturday 1st March from 10am.
With help from new and old UPLIFTERS, we have been prop making, working on our miner’s photo peep boards and in true UPLIFT style we will be in support of the event bringing a bit of what we do best to the day! 

Coming up tomorrow, see the land girls out and about on the streets of Goldthorpe spreading the joy and the new shoots of spring!  Curious, why not join us!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The UPLIFT Army Spread the Joy in Goldthorpe!

Goldthorpe didn’t know what hit it today as the UPLIFT Army bounced in to town ready to bring a smile to resident’s faces and brighten up days!

Bounding around the Market, shoppers noted it must be ‘Happy Hour’ as the Army had a smile for everyone and greeted the locals to a rousing chorus of “Good Morning, good morning!”  The Army led by General Lee Bonkers then took to the busy shopping street with their UPLIFT chant and banner. With megaphone in hand the public could not help but notice the troupe who were handing out UPLIFT parcels and flyers, and up to all sorts of antics! Paying a special visit to the library, the troupe ensured quiet was kept by hushing members of the public in humorous fashion!  Home to the UPLIFT post-box, the Army then nominated visitors to pledge an ‘Act of Kindness’ in which to post. We look forward to reading all of your suggestions! Back out in the street the Army were delighted to work with our new recruit, Super Trooper Zoe! Performing sketches and tableaux’s, the group presented passer-by’s with their own interpretations of simple kind acts that we can do for one another. They helped people cross the road, held doors open and gave each other  a symbolic helping hand – kind gestures that go a long way!

We'd like to thank the UPLIFT Army for the tremendous energy shown today, the UPLIFT message was spread far and wide and your efforts certainly allow us ‘Spread the Joy!’ THANK YOU!

Meanwhile in the ‘Pop up Shop’ the poetry bunting was well underway, local residents were hard at work, cutting and sewing and by the close of play, three walls were decorated in beautiful vibrant colour with UPLIFTING words hanging for all to see!

We’re back in the shop tomorrow, continuing the crafts and with a special Creative Writing workshop from Writing Yorkshire at 1pm. We hope to see you there folks!




Monday, 24 February 2014

The Creativity Continues & the Army Prepare to Advance!

The creative fun continued today as the ‘pop up shop’ was open to the residents of Goldthorpe.

Adults and children alike enjoyed a day of crafts, getting busy making bunting and suggesting their ideas for the area on our ‘Picture This’ wall. It's not hard to find the temporary art house which has pictures and colours scrolled across the windows on the busy Doncaster Road. Our artists are there from 10am -4pm and the sessions work on a drop in basis where locals can 'have a go' at something a little bit different. It's free, fun and very relaxed and we're set to do it all again tomorrow, so get yourselves down there and get involved!

Look out for a special visit from the UPLIFT Army who are set to occupy the streets of Goldthorpe presenting their ‘Acts of Kindness’. The colourful, vintage army inspired troupe will be in full voice as they man their own market stall and pay a visit to the ‘Pop up Shop’.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Let the Occupation commence!

Today saw our first day of Occupation Goldthorpe and we’re off to a flyer!

Made to feel right at home at the Salvation Army we met lots of lovely locals over cups of tea and homemade scones! Creativity is in abundance in this community and residents got crafty making UPLIFT parcels ready to give out and put a smile on someone’s face. The chilled out atmosphere was made complete with live music from Paul Newman, who even managed to get the café joining in with a group singalong!

Meanwhile further into the village, Helen was hard at work getting the ‘Arty Pop up Shop’ ready for creative business, and we have to say she’s doing a fine job! The old insurance company has certainly had the UPLIFT makeover, which now sees the windows painted in bright colours and causes a definite double take from passers-by! Based next to the Yorkshire bank on Doncaster Road the UPLIFT team will be there from next Monday 24th Feb – Wednesday 26th Feb, hosting drop in art workshops. If you’re at a loose end over the half term and fancy a free and fun activity with the kids, come and join us for a spot of bunting making, screen printing and scene paining. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Blast from the Past...

Memories from our first UPLIFT at The Lighthouse Cafe, June 1st 2012

Look what we found today looking through the UPLIFT scrapbook....a photo from one of our first ever UPLIFT events back in 2012. We clubbed together with The Lighthouse Cafe, on Goldthorpe High Street and shared a day of art, music, food and good company! Looking forward to more great times in Goldthorpe, kicking off tomorrow with UPLIFT parcel making and more Live Music. We are returning to our roots!

Click here for more details!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Finding Many a Treasure in Goldthorpe!


Yesterday we headed across to Goldthorpe and met up with Eve Robertson and Sue, our cracking volunteer, to build up interest and connections for the upcoming UPLIFT Occupation and the Diggin' up Black Gold Event. We met many great locals and arrived upon pockets of inspiring community action and passion. We really felt a sense of people and things coming together. We made home for the UPLIFT postbox with the lovely ladies at Goldthorpe Library, nominating all to pledge a random act of kindness and share their stories, poems and memories. We can't wait to get started this Friday at The Salvation Army Cafe, Straight Lane, Goldthorpe from 10.30am with Live Music from Paul Newman and UPLIFT Parcel Making activities. Swing in and get involved!

If you would like to help out at events, please contact Helen Boutle on 07833936019

Check on the links below for more information about events happening in Goldthorpe, from the 21st of February to the 1st of March.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

UPLIFT OCCUPATION Number 1 ... Get ready for a BOOST Goldthorpe!!

As the Winter months drone on The UPLIFT team have been busy preparing creative events designed to beat the blues and give the people of Barnsley a boost! First stop, Goldthorpe!
This month the UPLIFT team will be hitting the road and setting up camp in Goldthorpe, looking to work with the local community . The occupation kicks off on Monday 24th February where residents are invited to the UPLIFT ‘ Arty Pop Up Shop’ situated on Doncaster Road, next to Yorkshire Bank.  Throughout the week locals can get involved in various art workshops trying their hand at bunting making, scene painting & screen printing.  Those who prefer the written form can pop along to the creative writing workshop on Wed 26th at 1pm. The Pop up Shop will act as a hub where people can share their ideas for the area on the ‘Picture This’ wall and there’ll be an opportunity to meet the Big Local Project leader on Friday 27th February. And do keep your eyes peeled for the UPLIFT Army! Dressed in colourful army inspired costume, they’ll be taking to the streets to spread the UPLIFT message.
The creativity continues into the weekend where alongside the UPLIFT team, Director and storyteller, Eve Robertson presents 'Diggin' Up Black Gold'. This is a collection of local memoires from the miners strike of 84/85. The stories focus on the solidarity and the spirit of the community.  It is a day of celebration, acknowledging the strength and personal achievement during the dispute, reflecting on positives and reinvigorating pride through Food, stories,music, poetry and art activities. In support of this event the UPLIFT team will be at the Union Jack Club on Saturday the 1st March with art workshops, open mic and live music, featuring The Bar Stewards of Val Doonican
For more information please contact Helen Boutle on 078 3393 6019