Tuesday, 15 December 2015


As another year draws to a close we're looking forward to a cosy festive gathering and are set to bring a bit of  Scandinavian soul to our next event "HYGEE"!

From the Norwegian word meaning ‘wellbeing’, HYGEE , pronounced "hoo-ga”, is an idea rooted in the Danish sense of togetherness.  It describes a warm atmosphere, enjoying the good things in life with good people.  As a concept it couldn’t be any more in sync with the ethos of Creative Recovery and will be in full swing at our festive gathering which this year will be in partnership with the Barnsley Drug and Alcohol Action team.

So, join us on Wednesday 30th December, from sunset (3.53pm) - 9pm as the lights of St Paul’s Church Hall will be dimmed in place for heart-warming fires, music, candlelight, contentment, Winter supper, spiced drinks & smiles!

Post Christmas it is an opportunity to gather, cosy in and share in the comfort and joy of some good ole’ community spirit.

So, do as the Danes do and "HYGEE"!