Friday, 10 June 2016

If you come down to the Woods today...

This July sees us return to Wombwell Woods for an even bigger UPLIFT event, which this year will feature a walkabout Woodland performance.

It was therefore a fun filled Tuesday as we gathered our lovely performers together to begin the devising process!

It was decided early on in the process that our walkabout performance in the Woods would focus on some of the creatures we might meet there and the idea of meeting some birdy characters offered lots of scope and excitement. 

Working with the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership and the Forestry Commission, we were keen to separate fact from fiction and keep our characters rooted in their habitat whilst keeping the magic and playful nature alive. So after flocking through lots bird research we were able to select some beautiful birds native to the Woods and had some fun developing our feathered friends into characters for the site specific show. Looking at each of the birds behaviours made for a fun exploration into building them as characters -  What are there quirks? What are they notoriously known for? What can be exaggerated? And what are the links between them, where would relationships be formed?

As with creating anything from scratch you have to start somewhere and there's no better place than with a structure, so we set about giving the piece a beginning, middle and end. With our narrative and characters in place we ventured out into the Woods for another recce and to soak up more inspiration from the wonderful surroundings. With the creative juices flowing and more ideas flourishing, things are bubbling away nicely! 

We don't want to give too much away just yet but here's a taster of what's to come, do keep posted for further info and we hope lots of you can make it to hear,

"The Tree Sparrows Tale"

A family friendly woodland promenade performance from the lake to the fire.

Join the humble tree sparrow as she takes you around her Woodland home, telling tales of loss, courage and friendship. With some feathered friends along the way, come and join the flock, because after all, the best journey takes you home.

Meet at The Lake
Saturday 30th July, 4pm and 7pm
Sunday 31st July 2pm

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