Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Mayhem!

We do FOLK: Recovery Through ART + Re:SOUND "chilling" at another hut on Scarborough Sea front, June 2013

Come and UPLIFT "FOLK" @ MADFEST, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Saturday 3/08/13, 11-5pm

The UPLIFTers and Creative Recovery have been busy the last few months, with UPLIFT Camps, wind-swept seaside adventures, taking over Barnsley Hospital and much more. Watch out for more pictures and updates to come!

This Saturday we are at MADFEST, bringing our own brand of creative fun to UPLIFT folk and share the craze! We will be bringin favourites from events so far such as screen-printing and acts such as Stan Skinny for some light, jaw-aching sillyness. This is part of a special UPLIFT programme created to see us all through the Summer months until we are up and hitting the streets in the Autumn with our UPLIFT Occupations. Watch this space!

Check for updates and more information at Creative Recovery facebook events page or simply click below.

UPLIFT Folk @ MADFEST, 3/08/13

If you want to check out the whole programme for MADFEST, have a look at MADFEST 2013

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