Monday, 28 October 2013

I don't know what you've been told, the UPLIFT Army's mighty bold!

Operation - National Museum's Conference!

Here at UPLIFT HQ we have joined forces with Pif Paf Theatre to develop the UPLIFT Army, our theatre troupe, tasked to invade the National Museum's conference in Liverpool in November.

Our troops have been working hard using their new found energy, inspiration and talents and incorporating movement, song, puppetry and prop and costume making to devise a piece which presents the work that UPLIFT has been doing with our neighbouring Museums and to ultimately spread the joy.

With a helping hand from our friends at Pif Paf Theatre the Army have built up the necessary toolkit to prepare them for our upcoming occupations in the Autumn! Watch this Space and join the well-being revolution!

Inspired by the unique and visually spectacular work that Pif - Paf create, check out their website:

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