Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Bloomin Brilliant Week of UPLIFT!


This Saturday saw us right at home at Sara’s Flowers and Tea’s for BLOOM!

The relaxed style of this venue with it’s abundant array of fresh flowers and scrumptious selection of sweet treats provided the perfect space and atmosphere. UPLIFTERS were treated to a chilled out afternoon of tea, cake and floral crafts all to the soothing sounds of acoustic singer Catherine Rannus. Many a tin and jar was donated to the cause and participants breathed new life into old rubbish creating colourful and creative makeshift vases in which the beautiful floral arrangements were displayed.

An indulgent afternoon was certainly needed following UPLIFT’s busy week! Participants spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Civic Gallery in a workshop with the current exhibiting artist, Sacha Ferrier. Speaking about his stunning still life photographs created for his son in memory of his late wife, UPLIFTERS were inspired and worked in the same vein creating their own artwork.

The making continued into the evening where the Live Arts Café took over and hosted from the gallery space. Continuing to create work inspired by Sacha’s TRANSCIENCE, the Live Arts lot ensured the café atmosphere was set with an open mic, a DIY DJ set and Pizza to boot!

On the back of a brilliant week which wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of many, we’d like to say a few thank you’s! Big thanks to Sara’s Flowers and Tea’s, GT Flowers Potts Bakery and Catherine Rannus. And a huge thank you to Sacha for a very special workshop and for all you lovely folk for attending!
See you on the next UPLIFT!

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