Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Trip Down UPLIFT Lane!

As we prepare to kick-start the creativity with the next UPLIFT Calendar we look back on past events and hear what impact UPLIFT made on those who attended.

Our very first UPLIFT began all the way back in May 2012, with a poetry workshop led by local poet, Andrew McMillan. Here’s what some participants had to say:

“Absolutely fantastic afternoon, I didn't know poetry could be so enjoyable & fun. Can't wait for next session. Thanks to the wonderful facilitator for helping us create magic.”

“My day began with my mood a little low, I received a call to say things were happening at the gallery and this call has made my day so enjoyable. I am so grateful for all the people that help me feel much brighter and I feel I have so many caring people. Thank you so much.”

UPLIFTS come in many shapes and sizes. In September 2012, UPLLIFTERS joined us for ‘In This Moment’ A residential at Northern College, a weekend of art, photography & relaxation. This is what they thought:


“Participating has made me feel amazing, refreshed and inspired. I feel inspired to learn, improve and embrace my recovery through learning new skills. Wonderful people, great accommodation and nice food. Well worth being here and participating.”

“It has helped me with my confidence; it's been a really good weekend. I was stressed when I came and went home chilled."

“Participating made me feel wanted. I felt relaxed; there was no pressure to do things. I want to join in more Uplifts and socialise with people from uplift.”

At Christmas 2012, the festivities were firmly in place as we embarked on the Steam Engine at Elsecar Heritage Centre for "Let off Steam"  A day of Live music, Christmas crafts, mince pies & encaustic art all aboard the steam engine.
"Let off Steam has been a day to remember - snow ball making, singing, festive cards, and a lot of creative fun. Plenty of cheer & good will to all. It beats being at home alone."
 "What a brilliant day. Was a bit down but with the crafts & the motion of the train, and singing and some nice people, it’s very relaxing and has cheered me up. Some people have had childhood dreams granted, how cool is that? "
 “A new experience for me. Good company. Good music. Jolly atmosphere. Went on the engine's footplate - very interesting. Very nostalgic, as I am old enough to remember steam trains!"
And into the New Year, UPLIFT was on hand to banish any Winter blues with a two week takeover of the Civic Gallery.
"What a week! What ideas! What inspiration! God bless the Civic & all who sail in her! What an uplift! Thank you Helen and everyone who helped make these 2 weeks very special. After the excitement of Christmas, the January blues loomed heavy but they have been well & truly banished. Spin, splatter, paint, draw, collage, play enjoy. Love & thanks."
“Once more I am trying something new and finding that I have skills I never knew I had.”
Now into its fourth season, the programme has worked with over 2000 local people, for many, it’s been a first experience of something which they’ve later discovered a real passion for and as result, ninety five percent of people recorded a positive change in their wellbeing.
"Participating made me realise how creative I can be. That though I don't always feel good about myself, my imagination is alive and well. I really liked being with new friends and doing new things, and surprising myself!"
Others have found UPLIFT to be a springboard to new opportunities and broader horizons. With a renewed confidence and awareness of what is possible, people have gone on to new beginnings such as further education, volunteering, employment and linking with other community groups and venues.
"Participating made me feel, relaxed, motivated, inspired, I could enjoy myself, I had time for myself. I feel inspired to try out some new ideas & go on some more courses.
"Participating made me feel part of a community. I feel inspired to get myself out & about more often. I really liked being outdoors & socializing."
As we come to the end of our trip down memory Lane we’ll leave you with one of our latest events, the Brown Willow Uplift Camp at Cannon Hall. We pitched our tents and gathered around the campfire for a magical evening of stories, drumming and singing beneath the stars!
“It was a very good event to attend, relaxed and stress free. The fire side atmosphere felt really special, magical.”
 “Very enjoyable evening. Brought back camping memories of yesteryear. Enjoyed the singing and the bonfire.”
“It is nice to break away from the norm. The food and entertainment was fantastic, great people, great venue. It is good to see lots of likeminded people enjoying themselves and everyone joining in the fun. The willow making was interesting and different. It's always good to try something new and different.”

“It's hard to put into words, last night I was so chilled out. Sat around the camp fire thinking, I've never been happier. It was awesome. Made me more confident meeting new people. Now I know how to get there I'll be back to Cawthorne. Thank you, it's made me feel part of something - involved. I don't want it to end.”




























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