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Working with the Central Area Council, we are planning a Window Wanderland in the Kingstone Area. We will be running a series of events and workshops in the Autumn preparing for a special night of exploring the magical wonders created by people, exhibited in their windows, on the evening of Saturday the 23rd of November, 2019.

Here are a few words from the Window Wanderland website, giving a bit more information about how this project came about and why...

What is a Window Wanderland? 

What Window Wanderland is about:

  • Celebrating communitiesIt’s a creative way to get to know neighbours. Which makes people feel proud.
  • WanderingThis is a chance for people to explore their local area on foot, to see new places, or to see familiar places in a new way.
  • EveryoneAnyone can join in, the more the merrier, as a Wanderer or a Windowmaker. 

How it all began...

Set designer, Lucy Reeves Khan started Window Wanderland in 2015, inspired by her vivid imagination, her deep-seated community spirit and her personal experiences of isolation due to years of chronic illness.
Lucy imagined her local streets alive with other people viewing dramatic, beautiful or just silly scenes in the windows around her neighbourhood. She wondered if, in the dark of winter, these displays would cheer up others too. She put on her first event in her own community. It was a huge success. Other areas wanted to join in, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Get involved! 

To sign up for regular updates, ideas and to register your interest in being involved, please email us here

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