UPLIFT Coffee Cafe Choir

When: Every Thursday, 2 - 4pm 

Where: St. Paul’s Church, Old Town, Barnsley

While the feel-good effects of singing have long been recognised, there is growing evidence that it can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

5 reasons to sing in a choir!

  • Being part of a choir is like being part of a team, you all help each other which gives tremendous satisfaction. Its a social outlet in which we can connect with others and make friends. It is something to look forward to each week and can be a highlight of the week where positive memories are made. 

  • Singing involves focus and concentration. Singing in a choir puts troubles “on hold" as the music requires all of our attention. When we sing we are focused on the job in hand!

  • Attending a weekly group can be motivating, learning new songs/harmonies can develop confidence and boost self esteem!

  • Singing involves deep controlled breathing, one method of helping with signs of anxiety and stress.

Now for the science bit...

  • Singing releases a hormone known as endorphin's, which is associated with feelings of pleasure. It also releases another hormone, oxytocin, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress. Oxytocin also enhances feelings of trust and bonding, which may explain why studies have found that singing lessens feelings of depression and loneliness.

Want to get involved? Come along and sing with us at the UPLIFT Coffee Café Choir!


  1. I'd like to come along to this, am I too late to join? I suffer with anxiety, but it sounds like something that could help my recovery.

    1. Hello there, our sincere apologies for the delay in replying to your comment. We weren't notified of this and have just seen it now. The Choir is still on-going, they meet every Tuesday at St Pauls Church, Old Town, Barnsley from 1-3pm. You would be made very welcome so please feel free to call in anytime and get involved.
      If you'd like to speak to one of our team beforehand or would like to hear about any of our other projects please feel free to call us on 01226 320147.