Friday, 28 February 2014

Bloomin' Lovely!

UPLIFT Pots: Nurture and watch them grow...

" I am so glad I came out today...Thank you"

Yesterday, UPLIFT headed out on to the streets of Goldthorpe armed with a very colourful wheelbarrow, giving out pots with sprouting spring flowers and spreading the word. We were met with smiles, surprise and bewilderment as many couldn't believe they were been given something so freely. It started many conversations with people reflecting about the importance of the little things and quizzing us about our activities throughout the week. The giving spirit was contagious with many people sharing how they would too pass their little pot of joy on to someone else to brighten their day.  Mission complete! It sparked many ideas for our next Occupations, watch out tarn!

Today we will be back at the Salvation Army on Straight Lane, Goldthorpe from 10.30am printing up bags and being soothed and revived with tunes from Paul Newman.  We will also be gearing up for tomorrow's big event, Diggin' up Black Gold!

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