Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The UPLIFT Army Spread the Joy in Goldthorpe!

Goldthorpe didn’t know what hit it today as the UPLIFT Army bounced in to town ready to bring a smile to resident’s faces and brighten up days!

Bounding around the Market, shoppers noted it must be ‘Happy Hour’ as the Army had a smile for everyone and greeted the locals to a rousing chorus of “Good Morning, good morning!”  The Army led by General Lee Bonkers then took to the busy shopping street with their UPLIFT chant and banner. With megaphone in hand the public could not help but notice the troupe who were handing out UPLIFT parcels and flyers, and up to all sorts of antics! Paying a special visit to the library, the troupe ensured quiet was kept by hushing members of the public in humorous fashion!  Home to the UPLIFT post-box, the Army then nominated visitors to pledge an ‘Act of Kindness’ in which to post. We look forward to reading all of your suggestions! Back out in the street the Army were delighted to work with our new recruit, Super Trooper Zoe! Performing sketches and tableaux’s, the group presented passer-by’s with their own interpretations of simple kind acts that we can do for one another. They helped people cross the road, held doors open and gave each other  a symbolic helping hand – kind gestures that go a long way!

We'd like to thank the UPLIFT Army for the tremendous energy shown today, the UPLIFT message was spread far and wide and your efforts certainly allow us ‘Spread the Joy!’ THANK YOU!

Meanwhile in the ‘Pop up Shop’ the poetry bunting was well underway, local residents were hard at work, cutting and sewing and by the close of play, three walls were decorated in beautiful vibrant colour with UPLIFTING words hanging for all to see!

We’re back in the shop tomorrow, continuing the crafts and with a special Creative Writing workshop from Writing Yorkshire at 1pm. We hope to see you there folks!




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