Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Preparing to ‘Dig up Black Gold’!

Today at Occupation Goldthorpe we were paid a visit from Big Local who were thrilled to see the shop act as a hub for the community. We started work creating an Acts of kindness swap board, to be hung in the Shop and used by the local community once we depart. 
In other activities, preparations for ‘Diggin up Black Gold got well underway! 30 years on, Goldthorpe remembers the miner’s strike and this multi arts event features a collection of local stories which is to be retold on Goldthorpe’s Streets, in Cafes and on buses on Saturday 1st March from 10am.
With help from new and old UPLIFTERS, we have been prop making, working on our miner’s photo peep boards and in true UPLIFT style we will be in support of the event bringing a bit of what we do best to the day! 

Coming up tomorrow, see the land girls out and about on the streets of Goldthorpe spreading the joy and the new shoots of spring!  Curious, why not join us!

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